Spiders, brothers and school

So, last night I went to watch * drum roll please* The Amazing Spider-Man, and let me tell you, Toby Maguire hit the sack 'cause we got a better, smarter and more bad-ass spidey with us!

I'm not kidding, but the movie was epic with a capital E! Not only that, the star-cast was epic as well. Guess the producers were smarter this time around, and casted some great eye-candy. Andrew Garfield, not only looks cute, but fits the Spider-man role per-fect-ly! He's just got that young, lanky look about him.

Emma Stone does a good job as well, going back to her roots of blonde locks for the film. And, guess what? Garfield and Stone are not only on-screen couples but off-screen as well! We got a double whammy there, folks!

Since this movie starts off with Peter Parker in high school set in New York, the movie sure had be won over with the first few scenes. Granted, I hadn't really paid attention to the previous trilogy, catching snippets of Toby Maguire and his do, I have no doubt that this amazing spider-man will totally boom!

Moving onto less fiction and more reality, I'm back to school come Monday. Oh, alright, school started two days back but I didn't go seeing as how I had to spend those precious few days with my baby cousin brother who's just six months, by the way. It's back to the grind for me, with my year 10 coming around. Let's just hope this year passes quickly for me...



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