Write Fest

Writing started out as a relaxation, escalated into an addiction, turned into an obsession and is now my passion. I've always loved reading and when I found out that I had an interest in writing, it was just the icing on the cake! Here, I'll post little summaries of the stories I'm working on. You never know, the next time you may be seeing these summaries, it may be on the back cover of a book in a bookstore.

Short Stories

An Inconspicuous Affair
The cause is hardly of importance; it is the consequences that matter.
Adele Knight has suffered, that’s for sure. She’s been tortured, put in solitude and quite frankly is sick of her life.
Being forced to stay in an army base camp is hardly an English girl’s cup of tea, but Adele must handle it with strength if she has to survive this new trial in her life.
Obviously, she hadn’t expected to meet Shane Carter, the Major with a zest for life, the Major who immediately captures her heart with his winsome smile, the Major who…cares.
But Adele is a smart girl and she knows that not all love stories have a happy ending, that some have tragic ends as well.
And now, she’s going to experience it.

A Heart Left Vacant
I’d never thought I would desert my mom. But when betrayal took its course and she deserted me in turn, what else could I do?
A mother daughter bond is stronger than anything else in the world. And Sophie knows that. So, to honour her mum, she decides to dedicate something special for her.
But when your own loved ones desert you, betray you, there’s hardly anything you can do...

Ongoing Novels

Tribal Intentions

Sisterly love; a bond as strong as it is breakable by love, greed and...power.
A cruise on the Caribbean with all your friends?
A wonderful twin sister who’s always there for you?
Getting stranded on an island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea which may or may not have cannibals?
For Rose Stone all these questions have yes as an answer. 
Going for a cruise with all her best friends seems like a great idea. 
But to get stranded on a deserted island with no idea what to do is not on Rose’s agenda. Meeting some teens on the same island is also not one of her plans. It seems as if Rose has jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire when she realises that something strange is going on with the people she just met, people who may not even be human.
At least she has her sister with her, through all the tough times...right? Or maybe not. 

Playing With The Past

I’ve done the mistake of taking a step back and now...I’m trapped — trapped forever in history.
Imagine a spoilt rich brat who’s got everything and anything anyone could ask for; a girl who’s the ambassador of the modern world. You’ll get Chanelle Fallows complete with her drama and attitude. 
Now take this Chanelle and put her in a nineteenth century household. She’d not only have to survive the grimy, bustling streets of Old London but also the posh, high class social hierarchy that awaits her. With love in store  around the corner —along with heaps of turmoil — she has loads to worry about, including thinking of means by which to get back to her own time.
With nothing but her wits by her side, Chanelle will have to endure her predicament with the grace, etiquette and virtue that is called for in a damsel in the nineteenth century. 
Playing With The Past is the story of how one girl learns to make her place in a life completely different from hers; a historical romance, with a modern touch. 

The Underworld Damsel

Think this is the Underworld of Hades? Get your facts straight, it’s the real world underworld.
With a name like Venezuela Salas, it isn’t a surprise she’s as messed up as she is. With a Costa Rican mafia boss of the south-east Asia as a father, and an ex Russian ballerina as a mother, this mutant of a girl sure has it tough. With another mafia boss chasing her, it’s sure to mess up her mind.
So of course, it’s perfectly acceptable for her fall for the guy who’s been appointed to protect her. In her mind, they’re already living through each other’s sorrow and joy. Literally. Now on the run, Venezuela Salas might just learn, while travelling—or rather running—across the globe, that there’s more to life.
However not many appear as they seem or hold truth to what they’re saying. And no one escapes the underworld. At least not in one piece.