Grammar Wars - The Gray Matter


While I tip-toe into this blog, after more than a year's hiatus, let's just assume I've been consistently posting throughout these past weeks, alright? Because seriously, that's my plan for this year anyway. Posting on a regular basis, I mean.

Phew, now that that awkward phase has been pushed aside, let's get on to the juicy stuff.

It's no secret that a certain Mr. Gray has overtaken the world (At least, the female population), and is currently rocking cinema screens near and far. However, before the infamous Mr.Gray appeared on the big screen, he made his first appearance in a controversial novel, Fifty Shades of Gray by E.L.James.

To begin with, while the novel started off as a small endeavor, it soon went on to become an international phenomenon with the book gaining popularity for its very steamy, very erotic scenes. Along with Mr.Gray, of course.

But along with the limelight came the criticism...and not constructive, mind you. Fifty Shades of Gray is often acclaimed for its amateurish approach, with the grammar and syntax not living up to the standard published book. Snippets of certain reviews include:

 "Famous only for its eroticism"
 "Fifty Shades of Horrible Grammar"
 "The grammar is not up to par"

 And the list could go on, and on, and on.

 However, while I don't advocate the use of improper grammar, I'd like to bring to light a few very interesting points here. Although Fifty Shades of Gray has been ridiculed by critics all over the world, it's important to know that the improper use of grammar has been present in many romance novels throughout history. Yes, even Shakespeare made grammar mistakes!

 The people over at Grammarly have put forth this idea in the best way possible - an info-graphic (don't we all love them?). This info-graphic clearly shows that while Fifty Shades of Gray might be poor in the grammar department, other critically acclaimed romance novels do fall into the same category as well.

Go on, take a look. And seriously, cut Mr. Gray some slack, will ya?

Grammarly: Fifty Shades of Grammar

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Perks of Being An Avid Reader


"I use Grammarly's grammar check because ain't nobody got time for a personality check, let alone a grammar check." 

Now let’s all be honest with one another – reading is not everyone’s cup of tea. For most people, staring at a jumble of words for hours on end is time consuming, mind-boggling and just plain boring. However, for the few lucky others out there, those who see the magic of books, reading is magical and wonderful, an escape from our world.
I belong to the latter group, and I must tell you, we do have a lot of fun here J Here’s a list of reasons why being a reader is just plain awesome.

1.      The Role Playing
Reading can help you play the role of several different characters just by sitting in your comfy couch. If this isn’t magic, I don’t know what is. You could be a doctor saving lives in Africa, a socialite partying in LA or even a monkey climbing trees in the amazon, all the while sitting in the comfort of your home.  

2.      The Characters
Ever wanted that best friend who was slightly crazy but had your back? Or a wonderful dog who obeyed your every command? Well, reading brings these characters to life, making them so real you could practically speak to them!

3.      The Eye-Candy
I generally stick to the YA genre, and let me tell you one of my main motivations for doing so. The eye-candy that comes in almost every book in the form of the main hero. Hello? Daemon Black from Obsidian? Kaidan Rowe from Sweet Evil? These two our only the tip on what I call my Book Boyfriend List. Yes people, I fall in love with fictional characters…sue me.

4.      The Adventure
Now I’m pretty sure that I’m never going to go sky-diving in the middle of the night with a raging storm, but hey, I can experience it. I can experience a variety of activities I dare not do in reality, but I do feel the thrill of the adventure.

5.      The Imagination
*Sigh* If only there were actual vampires or werewolves out there…If only there was a zombie apocalypse. But hey, it does happen in some books and you can let your imagination run wild while reading. No one’s going to question you as to why you think aliens are the hottest things around (I’m looking at you Obsidian) or even why people have special super powers. Because, hey, it’s in the book your reading…it’s perfectly acceptable to imagine the impossible.

Now 5 reasons as to why reading is awesome is just the tip of the ice-berg that is reading. But I’m telling you, give a book a chance and it will literally change your life!