Home alone with the abomination

And so, for the first time in my fifteen years of existence, I've been left all alone at home with only my brother for company. Of course, we're having a gala time! (Meaning PlayStation, internet and t.v. marathons running wild) My parents have gone off to Singapore for a day, leaving me in charge of the house and my younger brother for one whole night. This is epic!

But of course, we did have our not-so-gala time last night. The appearance of  a humongous flying cockroach right on top of our heads as we were getting ready to sleep for the night totally ruined the atmosphere. With my brother urging me in the background (Mind you, he wouldn't step one foot inside the room), I armed myself with with a long broom stick and a slipper in hand, marching towards the dreaded abomination.
What followed was a series of me whacking the roach, Aaryan (my brother) coaxing me to do better (the nerve of him) and the roach scurrying along the walls, having a merry time, I'm sure. Finally, I managed to kill off the terror.

Ew. Roaches are so totally not in my books of great things of the world. Seriously, did you know that they can live without their heads? I mean, the only reason they die is because they don't have a way of getting food into their scrawny bodies. How horrible is this?

Oh, and I'm grateful for another thing. Thank God I didn't watch Paranormal Activity 3 yet, like I was supposed to with a group of my friends. I'm sure I wouldn't have slept a wink!

Let's just hope Mama and Papa have bought nice things in Singapore for me. I didn't kill the cockroach for nothing! ;)



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