Behind the scenes

So, who am I?

I am Nikita.

(Que awesome background music)

Girl going on sixteen, I'm a reader at heart (which is slowly turning into an obsession), a writer extraordinaire (ha, I wish!), a music lover (give me anything except heavy metal), and a food junkie. Not to mention, I love researching about the end of the world (morbid, but fascinating).
Oh, and I like to think of myself as gypsy, seeing as how my family has not stayed in a single place for more than five years. At the ripe age of three, I moved from India to Nigeria (yes, that little place in Africa) and then from there to Dubai (the land of awesome belly-dancing songs and dune bashing) and now I'm in Jakarta.

Writing started out as a relaxation, escalated into an addiction, turned into an obsession and is now my passion! I write short stories, am on the verge of completing my first full length novel and am forever searching the internet for writing competitions and giveaways. 
I also read. A lot. So much so that my mom has to give me a warning to stop reading for the day. Like I said, it's bordering on obsessing right now and getting a new Kindle has so not curbed it. :)

And so, the blog journey of Gypsy Niki has started.

Oh yeah, and welcome to my blog.



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